About Aakar

Established on Dassera Day of 1972 – 18th October – Aakar was formed to give visible shape to the aspirations of artisans and designers. It provided hitherto unavailable forum for the direct interaction between the designers and artisans and the appreciating public – our customers and patrons.

Dedicated to the fond Memories of Late Shri Keshavji Virji Chedda (1933-1986) Without whose vision, encouragement and support, Aakar would have remained a dream!

Born in 1933 in Kutch, to a leading exporter – Virji Shivji Chheda, Shri Keshavji established and managed various industries and took his family fortunes to greater glories.

A dedicated husband and a loving father, he was the doyen of the Chheda family. Fate intervened and snatched him away in the prime of his life. But his memories, deeds and philosophy stayed behind to guide his near and dear ones. Always.


The Woman Behind It All
There’s a woman behind every success story, and in Aakar too! Late Smt. Gunvanti Keshavji Chedda was born in 1936 in a business family who had an early traditional marriage right after completing her High School education. Despite her conservative background, she proved her mettle in the world of art too.

A dutiful wife and a loving mother, she first became known for her Culinary Skills. Later she became a patron of embroidery. Encouraged by her husband to start a gallery for embroidery artisans who had no place to exhibit their crafts, she started Aakar. What was a hobby turned into a business. Through hard work, strict discipline and a personal touch, this woman of substance has made Aakar what it is today – a success story.


The Spark Continues
Late Smt. Gunvanti Chheda’s daughter, Mrs Harshada J Shah continues to take Aakar to new heights. Aakar is proud to have been the launch pad for numerous designers who are now well established and are recognised names in their own right.

Today, exhibitors from around the country are displaying and selling their products at Aakar to visitors and buyers from around the world – most of the regular customers.